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Sample Of Motivation Letter For Scholarship

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Sample Of Motivation Letter For Scholarship

Sample Of Motivation Letter For Scholarship or Motivation Letter Sample For University Scholarship is usually use to acknowledge the management of the university in which an applicant wish to join for further studies, this Motivation Letter For Scholarship holds the details about an applicant's previous studies and interest.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to apply for the ______ scholarship for artists.

I graduated in architecture in March 2003 from the University of __________, Faculty of Architecture in [date]. My degree focuses on architectural design and urban planning. I also took several courses in urban management. Through my studies I became fascinated with in issues that affect urban development and future of urbanity.

The urban metropolitan areas are interesting to study because they are places where different cultures and urban practises encounter each other. In the age of economic globalisation, multimedia communication and transnational migration these urban areas are increasingly changing. Morever, this phenomena influence people's lifestyles and as a result their dwelling practices are changing. For example, this affects the Eastern European cities as well as Western European cities. Generally, the urban spaces are in need of new strategies that deal with the problems facing urban development. I am interested in studying the urban condition globally and analysing the urban design strategies and practises of urban space creation.

My diploma project was based on research that I conducted on the new political, economical and social circumstances in my country that affect the urban living. The focus of the project was creation of a new type of collective residence in an urban area that would be able to accommodate the changed life style practises of the urban dweller. In addition, I have successfully participated in domestic and international open competitions that are dealing with the subject of urban condition on different levels. I have learned a passion for research and am especially interested in further developing my skills in urban research.

The _______ in _______, to which I am interested to apply, has been offering a one-year postgraduate program focusing on urban topics since 1999. The design-oriented XXX deals with the future of urbanity. The program is both international and interdisciplinary. It is the objective of the ______ to develop unusual strategies that transcend purely scientific analysis or design- and planning methods. The one-year _______ is divided into two parts: an orientation phase that concentrates more on theory and analysis and a project phase that focuses on the development of methods and strategies. I am very exited by my decision to pursue my Master's Degree at the ________. I believe that their approach will enable me to acquire knowledge and skills that will help me meet new professional challenges.

I have made the necessary contacts with the _______ contact person Ms. ______ to ensure that I am eligible to apply for the academic year 2005.

With a solid foundation in academic theory on urban planning and intensive research gained through the Masterís Degree program in urbanism at the _______, I am confident that I will have the skills, knowledge and contacts that will enable me, as architect and urban planner, to deal with the complex issues of the urban condition in my country.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Your's Sincerely


[Applicant Name]

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