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Sample Of SOP For MS Computer Science

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Mr. Adil Gheewala
MS-Computer Science

Sample Of SOP For MS Computer Science

The computer technology has ushered in a revolution that is unprecedented in its sweep. Its effect on the everyday lives of ordinary people has been phenomenal. Right from the super satellite control stations to the grocerís humble shop, the efficient office and the busy kitchen in the home this technology is all pervasive, all consuming. This is what makes it one of the most challenging fields as it not only meets needs but has the power to create new needs, rules and total environments of its own. The computer technology has a life, creativity and a vibrancy that is enticing. My decision to focus on a career in Computer Science was a logical culmination of my fascination for computers.

A natural aptitude for mathematics, a sense of logic, analytical ability, capacity for diligent work and high academic credentials secured me a placed the Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of engineering. The curriculum at Fr.C.R.C.E exposed me to the entire gamut of computer and electronic courses thus laying a strong foundation for both my Hardware and Software fundamentals. My main areas of interest were software programming, Graphics and Multimedia. I enjoyed the courses in Networks and Operating systems. My interest in Graphics and Databases led me to prepare eye-catching illustrations to explain the working of electronic models. I developed many software programs in C++, Unix and VC++. I gave a number of presentations on subjects beyond the scope of my syllabus including UNIX, Database models, ISA bus Architecture, etc.

My final year project was with the IT department of a shipping company, Herald Maritime Services. The project was completed in a period of 7 months, using VB5 as the front end and Microsoft Access as the back end. My team and I developed the software, which computerized the accident monitoring system. It was a thrilling moment when the maritime company accepted our project for online application on its ships.

The field of application of technology is what interests me the most. I want to acquire the learning that will enable me to contribute to the development of anew software, which can improve efficiency, and accuracy of work in varied spheres. Digital processing is already transforming the world of communications. My ambition is to work at the forefront of the technology with the ability to find innovative solutions to the changing needs.

The distinguished faculty and excellent facilities at your university make its graduate program ideally suited to my professional goals. My desire to pursue further studies in USA is because it has the most dynamic atmosphere, which will shape me to be a thinker and a learner. The flexibility of the curriculum will give me the broad-based education I need to widen the scope of my knowledge and skills. The diversity of the student body will open my mind to new influences, new ideas and new ways of doing things. The world is literally becoming a global village where opportunities for work are transcending physical space. With the cyberspace connections, Indian knowledge workers are increasingly contributing to the global work force. The international education will give me the training and the caliberto meet the global clients. I look forward to being an active contributing member of the student community at your University.

Continuous progress is the key to life. And for progress, knowledge and proper guidance are the essentials. I am sure, the quality knowledge and impeccable guidance, will mould me to be in the learning mode all my life opening the way for constant growth as a person and a professional.

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