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Sample Covering Letter for Student Visa

Resource for Sample Covering Letter for Student Visa. Sample Covering Letter for Student Visa document listings are updating on daily basis, get the latest updated Sample Covering Letter for Student Visa sample of documents for student visa, Covering letter , documents sample for Visas, Jobs and study. Also find sample of Statement of Purpose, Recommendation letters and other type of documents.

Sample Covering Letter for Student Visa

This Sample of Covering Letter for Student Visa is for Tier 4 student visa extension. You can amend this sample of covering letter for student visa as per your needs. This Sample document can be use for the extension of Tier 4 General Student Visa as well as for new application of Tier 4 General Student Visa.

Sample Of Covering Letter


UK Border Agency
May 26th, 2009
Tier 4
P O Box 500
DH99 1WJ
United Kingdom

Subject: Application for Extension of Student Visa under Tier 4 General

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sending my application for the extension of my Student Visa under Tier 4 General along with my Passport, educational and other relevant documents.

First Name: ABC Last Name: XYZ
Date of Birth: 00 March, 1989

  • Initial Student Visa issued on: 22-March-2008
  • Arrival in UK on: 10-April-2008 (was late due to domestic problem)
  • Early Course studied: Diploma in Information Technology
  • Course Session: May 2008 to March 2009

    The fee for the extension that is [Visa Fee] can be charged through credit card.

    The details of points claimed are mentioned below with supporting evidence.


    College name: London College, London
    License Number: 123ABC123
    Course name: Management of Information Systems
    Course start date: 20052009
    Course end date: 20-05-2012

    Documents Attached:

    i. Visa Sponsor Letter from College.
    ii. Certificate of Diploma in Information Technology.
    iii. Bachelor of Commerce
    iv. Higher Secondary School Certificate.
    v. Secondary School Certificate.
    vi. IELTS


    Total Course fee for 3 years: 6500
    Course fee for 1st year: 2000
    Total Paid Fee: 2000

    Outstanding for 1st year: 0

    Living cost in London: 1600 = 800 * 2(months)
    Living cost outside London: 1200 = 600 * 2(months)

    Total amount required to show:

    1st Year outstanding fee: 0

    (If your institution is Outside London)
    Maintenance funds: 1200 (Inside London)
    Total amount to show: 1200
    (If your institution is Inside London)
    Maintenance funds: 1600
    Total amount to show: 1600

    Documents Attached to Prove Funds:

    i.Bank Statement of amount: 2000
    ii.College sponsor letter to prove fee paid.
    iii.Affidavit of Support from Father.


    Yours truly,
    [specimen signature]
    [Applicant Name]
    [Contact No.]

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