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Sample Of Sponsorship Letter

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Sample Of Sponsorship Letter

Sample of Sponsorship Letter is actually like an oath of sponsor in which sponsor accept that he/she can bear all the expenses of travel, living and accommodation of the sponsored person(s). This letter also shows the detail of the source of income and accommodation available. Moreover, the given Sample of Sponsorship Letter can be use with different visa applications such as Visit Visa, Dependent Visa, International Student Visa and so on.


RON 12

Immigration Act 1971

Undertaking given in Pursuance of the Immigration Rules

I, (MR) KAMRAN Siddique (DOB: 08/05/1980) hereby declare:-
  1. I am on Tier 1 General Skilled Worker Visa (initially was on HSMP) in United kingdom with validity date until August 2012, and is living at [Address in UK].

  2. I am employed on permanent position at eTec Softwares And Advertising Ltd, Platinum House, 23-25 Park Road London WC1X 6PL since August 2007 as an Software Engineer (IT Professional).

  3. I wish to sponsor my Parents and Sister:

    Father:Mr. Ahmed Siddique, Passport # AB5340112
    Mother:Mrs. Raahat Siddique, Passport # AA5774672
    Sister:Miss. Amna Siddique, Passport # BE5467091
    Residence of:25-A Street #2 ABC Society Model Town Lahore, Pakistan

  4. I hereby undertake that I will be responsible for the travelling, accommodation, food, health and all other expenses of my parents and sister throughout the period of their stay in United Kingdom.

  5. During their stay in United Kingdom they will reside with me at [Home Address in UK].

  6. I am financially strong and have enough money available with me to support them and also have enough space available in my four bed house where they can reside during their short visit to United Kingdom.

  7. I understand that this undertaking shall be made available to the Department of Social security in the United Kingdom who will take appropriate steps to recover from me the cost of any public funds paid to or in respect of the above mentioned persons who are the subject of undertaking.

  8. This statutory Declaration is made under the provision of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835.
Declared at London ________________________________________

On 1st September, 2009

Before Me:
Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths.

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